Arai CT-Z Diamond White Helmet

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Arai CT-Z Diamond White Helmet

Improving on the revolutionary XC-Ram, the new CT-Z enhances the riding experience by offering the benefits of a peak/shield combination, with the flexibility of choice.

The new CT-Z: Yet another example of Arai's decades-long tradition of the improving on what works, not simply change for the sake of unproven change. Arai's changes are functional. Our design intent has always been singular and unbroken: a better helmet with better protection and performance for the riders who choose it.

The CT-Z presents a major improvement: nothing short of redefining how open-face helmets can look-and protect. The most telling feature is the extended coverage in the lower jaw/cheek pad area, extending 1 3/16 in. forward compared to its previous and traditional open face 3/4 helmets. The look itself is advanced, and it provides options that allow the helmet to better suit each riders unique requirements. But like everything we do, our primary objective is to build a better helmet.

Technically, that means providing a measure of lower jaw protection that has been missing from previous open face helmets that leave that part of the face exposed.