Avon AV79 3D Ultra Sport-High Performance Front Tire

Avon AV72 Cobra Radial Touring/Cruising/Custom WWW Rear Tire

Available Sizes:
MT90HB16 WWW Rear
140/90HB16 WWW Rear
150/80VB16 WWW Rear

* Non-Radial
** May be used for Front and/or Rear fitment

Incorporates sports tire technology for nimble handling. Special construction to deal with heavy loads.
Incredible stability and longevity - perfect for touring. Unique 'snakeskin-effect' sidewall and aggressive tread pattern. Available in a wide range of sizes, incorporating fitments for Harley Davidson's V-Rod & V-Twin Baggers, Triumph's Rocket III, Honda's Goldwing and Valkyrie plus some sizes for custom bike applications.