Shinko 244 Series Rear/Front Tire

Shinko 244 Series Rear/Front Tire

The 244 Series dual purpose street and trail tire is designed to be equally at home on dirt or pavement.

S (115mph), P (94mph), or L (75mph) Speed Rating

**Notes: Actual product may slightly vary

Available Sizes
2.75-P14 Front/Rear
3.00-P16 Front/Rear
2.50-L17 Front/Rear
3.00-P17 Front/Rear
4.60-S17 Front/Rear
5.10-P17 Front/Rear
3.00-L18 Front/Rear
3.50-P18 Front/Rear
4.10-S18 Front/Rear
4.60-S18 Front/Rear
5.10-P18 Front/Rear
2.75-P19 Front/Rear
2.75-P21 Front/Rear
3.00-L21 Front/Rear