Shinko SR241 Series Front/Rear Tire

Shinko SR241 Series Front/Rear Tire

The SR241 is a versatile performer with a tough nylon carcass and high dimpled knobs that work well in a variety of terrain. The narrow knobby configuration means less of an environmental foot print while on the trail.

P (94mph) or L (75mph) Speed Rating

**Notes: Actual product may slightly vary

Available Sizes
3.75-J12 Front/Rear
2.75-P14 Front/Rear
2.50-L15 Front/Rear
3.00-P16 Front/Rear
2.50-L17 Front/Rear
2.75-P17 Front/Rear
3.00-P17 Front/Rear
2.75-P18 Front/Rear
3.00-P18 Front/Rear
3.50-P18 Front/Rear
4.00-P18 Front/Rear
2.75-P19 Front/Rear
3.50-P19 Front/Rear
2.75-P21 Front/Rear
3.00-P21 Front/Rear