Shorai LFX LFX18A1 Lithium Standard Battery

Shorai LFX LFX18A1 Lithium Standard Battery

Say goodbye to messy chemicals and fast discharges with this innovative Shorai LFX Lithium battery. This Battery contains Shorai's proprietary eXtreme-Rate Lithium Iron prismatic cells (chemistry LiFePO4). It contains no poisonous lead, no dangerous acid, and do not create explosive gasses during charge, as traditional Lead-Acid batteries do. Compared to lead-acid, Shorai LFX lithium batteries are also extremely light, have much lower self-discharge rate, do not sulfate (i.e. do not degrade while sitting unattended), and are environmentally friendly.

Some Shorai LFX Batteries may be slightly smaller than the OEM battery in one dimension or another. High-density, adhesive-backed foam sheets are included in the package. These can be trimmed and applied to the battery box in minutes to make a solid fit and with added thermal and vibration insulation. Cable connections can be made either at tops or sides of the terminals and the battery itself can be mounted in any position (as there are no liquids in the LFX batteries). All these options and sizes allow Shorai LFX to offer a "drop-in" installation for most Motorcycles.

Battery Specifications :

Height: 4.13 Inches
Width: 5.83 Inches
Depth: 2.60 Inches

Voltage: 12v
A/Hr PbEq: 18
Cranking CCA: 270
Weight: 2.19 Lbs
Max Charge: 18
Polarity: + -

Bike Applications

This battery is a "Standard" replacement for all of the motorcycles listed below. It is recommended as the best overall pick for most applications, and has been selected to give strong cranking performance and long lifespan.

2007-2011 HP2

2009-2011 DN-01, Crossrunner
2010-2011 NT700V
2002-2010 NT700V Deauville
2008-2010 XL700V
2001-2010 VT750 Shadow
1998-2011 VFR800
2000-2006 RVT1000R (RC51)
2000-2006 VTR1000F
2001-2004 CBR1100
1985-1999 VT1100C Shadow
2009-2011 VFR1200F
1998-2011 CB1300
2003-2011 ST1300
2009-2010 VT1300
2009-2011 VT1300 Fury

2005-2012 1050 Tiger

2009-2011 V-Star 950
2009-2010 XVS95CT
2009-2010 XVS95CTY
2006-2011 FZS1000 Faser
2007-2011 XJR1300
2005-2010 MT-01
2009-2011 V-Max 1700
2002-2008 XV17P Warrior
2002-2009 XV1700 Warrior
2006-2011 Raider
2006-2011 Roadliner
2006-2011 Stratoliner