Slip Streamer Enterprise S-00 Windshield for 1972-2011 Suzuki

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Slip Streamer Enterprise S-00 Windshield for 1972-2011 Suzuki Motorcycles

Dynamic sculptured styling enhances the appearance of your bike without affecting its lines. Longer lowers give added protection against weather and road hazards. A special designed cushioned seal headlight cutout allows the Enterprise to fit both a round and square headlight.

Fits the following models with 7/8 in. Handlebars (Hardware Included):

1990-1997 Suzuki GN125
1983-1985 Suzuki GN250
1983 Suzuki GR650/650X Tempter
1991-1993 Suzuki GSF400 Bandit
1978-1981 Suzuki GS1000 (All Models)
1982-1983 Suzuki GS1100G
1982-1983 Suzuki GS1100GL
1980-1981 Suzuki GS250T
1982-1985 Suzuki GS300L
1977-1978 Suzuki GS400 (All Models)
1979 Suzuki GS425
1980-1983 Suzuki GS450E
1982-1985 Suzuki GS450GA
1980-1988 Suzuki GS450L
1977-1982 Suzuki GS550 (All Models)
1983 Suzuki GS550L
1981-1983 Suzuki GS650 (All Models)
1977-1979 Suzuki GS750
1980-1982 Suzuki GS750E
1980-1981 Suzuki GS750L
1982-1983 Suzuki GS750T
1979-1983 Suzuki GS850G (All Models)
1991-1993 Suzuki GSF 400 Bandit
1972-1977 Suzuki GT750 Le Mans
1985-1986 Suzuki GV700GL Madura
1999-2008 Suzuki GZ250
2009-2011 Suzuki GZ 250 Marauder
2009-2011 Suzuki TU 250X
1985-1987 Suzuki VS700 Intruder

Fits the following models with 1 in. Handlebars (Hardware Included):

1987-2004 Suzuki VS1400GL Intruder
2005-2011 Suzuki S83 Boulevard
1985-1986 Suzuki GV1200 Madura
1991 Suzuki VX1100
1992-2004 Suzuki VS800 Intruder
1989-1991 Suzuki VS750GL Intruder
1995-2004 Suzuki LS650 Savage
1986-1988 Suzuki LS650 Savage
2005-2011 Suzuki S40 Boulevard

The following models require Rectangular Handlebar Mounting Kit #010Y (Sold Separately):
Click here for Rectangular Handlebar Mounting Kit #010Y

1985 Suzuki GS700E
1985-1986 Suzuki GS1150E