Slip Streamer Spitfire Chrome Sport Shield S-06 for 1968-2011 Honda

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Slip Streamer Spitfire Chrome Sport Shield S-06 for 1968-2011 Honda Motorcycles

You've asked for it and here it is! With its distinctive look and new triple chrome plated aluminum hardware, the Spitfire CHROME is the new leader in the Slipstreamer line with its exclusive anodized aluminum disc hardware system, it can be taken off in seconds and it is fully adjustable for height and angle. Fits both round and square headlights. One hardware fits both 7/8" and 1".

Fits the following models with 7/8 in. or 1 in. Handlebars (Hardware Included):

1968-1974 Honda CB450K 
1969-1982 Honda CB750K 
1970-1973 Honda CB350K Super Sport 
1972-1974 Honda CB350F 
1973 Honda CB350G Super Sport 
1974-1976 Honda CB360 
1974-1978 Honda CB550K 
1975-1977 Honda CB400F Super Sport 
1975-1977 Honda CB550F Super Sport 
1975-1979 Honda GL1000 Gold Wing 
1975-1982 Honda CB750F Super Sport 
1976-1977 Honda CJ360 
1978 Honda CB400A Hondamatic 
1978-1979 Honda CB400TI Hawk I 
1978-1979 Honda CB400TII Hawk II 
1978-1979 Honda CM185T Twinstar 
1979-1981 Honda CM400A Hondamatic 
1979-1981 Honda CM400T 
1979-1981 Honda CX500D Deluxe 
1979-1982 Honda CB650 
1979-1982 Honda CX500C Custom 
1980-1981 Honda CB400T Hawk 
1980-1981 Honda CB650C Custom 
1980-1981 Honda CM400E 
1980-1982 Honda CB750C Custom 
1980-1982 Honda CB900C Custom 
1980-1982 Honda CM200T Twinstar 
1980-1983 Honda GL1100 Gold Wing 
1981 Honda CM400C Custom 
1981-1982 Honda CB900F Super Sport 
1981-1982 Honda GL500 Silver Wing 
1982 Honda CB450T Hawk 
1982 Honda CM450C Custom 
1982-1983 Honda CM250C Custom 
1982-1983 Honda CM450A Hondamatic 
1982-1983 Honda CM450E 
1982-1983 Honda VF750C V45 Magna 
1982-1985 Honda CB650SC Nighthawk 
1983 Honda CB1000C Custom 
1983 Honda CB550SC Nighthawk 
1983 Honda CB750SC Nighthawk 
1983 Honda CX650C Custom 
1983 Honda GL650 Silver Wing 
1983-1984 Honda VT500FT Ascot 
1983-1986 Honda VT500C Shadow 
1983-1987 Honda VT700C Shadow 
1984 Honda GL1200 Gold Wing 
1984-1985 Honda VF1100S V65 Sabre 
1984-1985 Honda VF500C V30 Magna 
1984-1985 Honda VF700S Sabre 
1984-1986 Honda VF1100C V65 Magna 
1984-1986 Honda VF700C Magna 
1985-1996 Honda VT1100C Shadow 
1985-2009 Honda CMX250C Rebel 
1986-1987 Honda CMX450C Rebel 
1987 Honda VF700C Magna 
1988 Honda VF750C Magna
1988 Honda VT800C Shadow
1988-2007 Honda VT600C Shadow VLX 
1988-2007 Honda VT600C Shadow VLX 
1989-1993 Honda VF750C Magna 
1991-2003 Honda CB750 Nighthawk 
1992-2008 Honda CB250 Nighthawk 
1994 Honda CB1000 
1994-2001 Honda VT1100C2 Shadow ACE 
1994-2003 Honda VF750C Magna
1994-2007 Honda VT600CD Shadow VLX Deluxe
1994-2007 Honda VT600CD Shadow VLX Deluxe 
1997-2003 Honda GL1500C/CD Valkyrie 
1997-2007 Honda VT1100C Shadow Spirit 
1998-2003 Honda VT1100C3 Shadow Aero 
1998-2003 Honda VT750C/CD Shadow ACE
2000-2007 Honda VT1100C2 Shadow Sabre 
2001-2009 Honda VT750C2 Shadow Spirit 
2002-2007 Honda VTX1300S
2002-2008 Honda VTX1800C 
2002-2008 Honda VTX1800R 
2002-2010 Honda VTX1300R 
2003-2006 Honda VTX1800S
2003-2007 Honda CB900F 919 
2004-2007 Honda CB600F 599 
2004-2008 Honda VTX1800N 
2004-2010 Honda VT750C Shadow Aero
2004-2010 Honda VTX1300C 
2005-2008 Honda VTX1800F 
2010 Honda VT750 Shadow RS
2010-2011 Honda VT750 Spirit C2 Phantom

The following models require 1-1/4 in. Oversize Handlebar Clamps (Sold Separately):
Click here for Slip Streamer 1-1/4 in. Oversize Handlebar Clamp Hardware Kit

2010-2011 Honda VT1100C2 Shadow Sabre
2010-2011 Honda VT1300CR Stateline
2010-2011 Honda VT13CX Fury