Snow Master TX-50 Silver Modular Dual Use Snowmobile and Street Helmet with Hawk Com 2 Bundle

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Snow Master TX-50 Modular Dual Use Snowmobile and Street Helmet 

The TX-50 Snow Master Helmet Series is a revolutionary developmental achievement for Snow Master Helmets. European inspired design takes the modular helmet to new places in both a pricing and overall footprint size. This helmet checks in at nearly 20 percent less physical size, than the model it replaces. Major advancements in EPS technology allow this helmet to be smaller and more compact, all the while offering every bit the protection as much larger and bulkier competitors. The helmet features significant intake venting and incredible Venturi venting for the rear exhaust. The slider based drop down visor mechanism is reminiscent of devices which cost 4 times the price. The latching system for the front chin bar features a one button release mechanism. The front bar is fastened by stainless steel posts and a metal on metal locking system. The head form fit is an intermediate oval. The shell and chin are made from a thermoplastic alloy. The liner is fully removable and machine washable. In addition to these features, this helmet comes with an electric shield and power cord, snow master storage bag and ECE and DOT certified.

Helmet Features

  •  Flow-through ventilation system
  • This helmet features significant intake venting and incredible Venturi venting for the rear exhaust
  • Electric shield- Integrated aerodynamic spoiler
  • Adjustable nylon chin strap with secure snap
  • Smooth lock drop down visor system: Retractable drop down internal sun visor. All with the simple flip of a switch!
  • Secure Lock: One button flip up chin bar release with steel locking mechanism
  • Snow Master Storage Bag Included 
  • ECE 22.05 and DOT Certified

Dual Snowmobile and Street Use
Purchase a replacement  dark or clear shield  and turn the helmet into a street helmet, dual use.
>>>Purchase Clear Shield <<< 

Hawk COM-2 Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset

The COM-2 is for just 2 riders.

The Hawk COM-2 headset was created with the adversities of the road in mind. The innovative technology mixes both comfort and security minimizing distraction or complicated interfaces to give you the best, most accessible Bluetooth Headset device on the market.

The device features intercom transmission for rider to passenger communication as well as bike to bike, perfect for those who ride in groups. The technology in the COM-2 comes with noise cancellation for sharper quality of sound, perfect for GPS directions as well as normal phone communication, or for streaming music directly into your helmet; all of this without compromising your security while on the road.

The COM-2 can withstand speeds up to 120KM/h / 74mph and provides battery life of up to 12 hours of talk time and 180 hours of standby.

Included in the Hawk Com 2 package:
  • Mounting Bracket Kit with Speakers and Boom Mic
  • Screws for setting up and Installing the unit to your helmet
  • DC Power Charger & USB Cable
  • User Manual

  • Whats in the Bundle?
  • Snow Master TX-50 Dual Snow and Street Helmet
  • Helmet Storage Bag with Slick Snow Master Logo Imprint
  • Breathe Box
  • Electric Shield
  • Electric Power Cord
  • Removable and adjustable visor peak
  • Moisture Wicking Cheek Pads
  • Impact absorbing EPS liner
  • Hawk Com-2 Bluetooth System 
  • Mounting Bracket Kit with Speakers and Boom Mic
  • Screws for setting up and Installing the unit to your helmet
  • DC Power Charger & USB Cable
  • User Manual